Strategic Planning

The DeVos Institute’s core service provides in-depth, comprehensive, implementable strategic plans. These plans assist organizations in crisis, those considering growth, and those facing changes to their environments.

The DeVos Institute facilitates a planning process that engages representatives from all core stakeholder and beneficiary groups. Designed by Chairman Michael M. Kaiser and President Brett Egan, the Institute’s planning process includes:

  • A thorough review of the organization’s mission
  • An environmental analysis that evaluates the relevant field and determines what is required for success in that field—today and in the future
  • An internal analysis that determines how the client organization compares, at present, to what is required for success, as defined by the environment
  • Detailed strategies that position the organization to overcome its weaknesses and exploit its strengths
  • An implementation plan that outlines tactics required to execute each strategy, assigning responsibility for each, and a deadline for their completion
  • A financial plan that accounts for the programmatic and capacity implications of each strategy, as well as the benefits expected as a result


To augment the benefits of planning, the DeVos Institute also provides implementation support to assist staff and board members as they begin to execute key strategies.

Learn more about how the DeVos Institute has helped other organizations achieve their goals.


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