Private Intensives for Individual Organizations


Reviewing and updating a current strategic plan

  • The DeVos Institute offers private intensives to support organizational leadership as they review and update strategic plans. Institute staff and consultants work with key leaders to assess the client’s status, its goals, and what has—and hasn’t—worked in its current strategic plan.

Reviewing and updating the organizational mission

  • A clearly defined mission can guide an organization as an internal management tool and “rule book” for programmatic cohesion, as well as communicate the organization’s value proposition. DeVos Institute consultants and staff work with an organization to assess and articulate who it serves, what it provides, and where it offers services. 

Establishing and reviewing board and staff roles and responsibilities

  • The DeVos Institute offers a half-day, in-person retreat to guide an organization’s board and staff members in building a strong, productive partnership. Institute consultants and staff facilitate constructive, candid discussions of roles and responsibilities for both board and staff members. After an introduction to the Cycle—the DeVos Institute’s core philosophy—participants complete a Cycle Audit, the Institute’s proprietary self-diagnostic tool for assessing internal capacity. This fosters dialogue among participants about the organization’s current dynamics and, with guidance from Institute staff, provides an effective framework for identifying opportunities for advancing productivity. 

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