Our Response to Common Challenges

Why is it so crucial to integrate fundraising with an organization's other endeavors?

When nascent donor development programs fail, they do so primarily from a lack of integration between the artistic, marketing, and fundraising functions. Conversely, the most successful organizations incorporate fundraising into all aspects of the organizational Cycle: They regularly produce surprising, superior art; they market that art aggressively, attracting and exciting ticket‐buyers and well‐wishers; they cultivate this “family” of enthused patrons, volunteers, board members, and potential donors at every turn; and provide, ultimately, an easy, fun way for those well-wishers to contribute to the art that has enriched their lives. The most effective managers know to re-invest each year’s earnings in an even more diverse, high-quality, and impressive portfolio of art and programs that, when marketed aggressively, perpetuates this healthy and sustainable cycle year after year.

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