Services for Arts Schools

The DeVos Institute of Arts Management, a global leader in arts management training and consultation, and the Orange County School of the Arts, a national model for sustained excellence in arts training, have partnered to offer a suite of services for arts schools in today's increasingly complex environment.

The Institute understands that arts schools face a wide range of specific challenges. For example:

  • Boards must find and attract school leadership qualified to deliver a trifecta of results in non-profit, arts, and school management, and keep each at its productive best.
  • In many schools, depressed public funding—combined with lackluster fundraising—has led to unsustainable financial distress.
  • Effective marketing must move beyond attracting the best students to communicate impact and results at the community- and field-wide levels.
  • With the adoption of Common Core Standards, arts educators are faced with the challenge of ensuring that arts education is recognized as an essential part of the core curriculum, and they must convince decision-makers that arts training provides critical skills to prepare students for the 21st century.

Therefore, the Institute provides such tailored services as:

  • Organizational Audits
  • Strategic Planning
  • Executive, Senior Staff, and Board Leadership Coaching
  • Board and Staff Intensives

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