Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Fellowship application available every year?

What kind of experience should I have in order to be considered for the program?

I am currently in school and have very little or no experience working in arts management. Is this program ideal for me?

I am not currently employed. Should I apply for the program?

How is the Fellowship announced?

If I am not selected, can I re-apply in a future year?

What are the Fellows' obligations?

How will I receive my Visa for the program?

Do I have to pay the fees required to receive the Visa?

Do I have to pay for my air transportation?

What is the stipend/per diem for participants?

Do I have to commit to the full three-terms of the programs?

I still have a question, who can I contact?

1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 410        Washington, DC 20004        P: 301.314.0963     

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