Eligibility, Deliverables, Timeline, and FAQS


Strong candidates for this program will include non-profit organizations that have developed, and are looking to strengthen, programs that use a creative practice (e.g. visual art, performing art, public art, art as social practice) to traverse divides — whether those be social, cultural, racial, economic, geographic, and/or political.

Non-arts non-profits committed to using creative practice in this manner are also eligible for support and encouraged to apply. This may include, for instance, civic, health, and/or community organizations.

Organizations that have not yet developed such a program, but that can evidence a commitment to do so, have established relevant partnerships, and which have a strong history of effective programming will also be closely considered for support.

Consortia of organizations already in partnership, or seeking to establish partnership, are eligible to apply.

The program is not a good fit for for-profit organizations or individual practitioners unaffiliated with an organization.

For questions regarding eligibility, please contact Syrah Gunning at segunning@devosinstitute.net.


At the culmination of the program, each participating organization can expect to obtain or strengthen: 

  1. A coherent, detailed programmatic strategy to advance social cohesion through creative practice 

  2. A plan to produce visibility for that program 

  3. A plan to capitalize the program and the institution

These services will be provided virtually (by web) and in close coordination with the leadership of participating organizations (staff and board).


  • Applications are due Monday, May 17, 2021.

  • Applicants will be notified in early June 2021.

  • The six-month planning process will begin in July 2021 and will include:

    • July 2021: Kick-Off Meeting – Establish scope, discuss process, define roles & responsibilities (1 hour)

    • Summer / Fall 2021: Program Design/Planning Phase – 3-4 planning meetings (2 hours each)

    • Fall / Winter 2021: Marketing and Capitalization Phase – 3-4 consultations (30-60 min each)

    • Late 2021/ Early 2022: Final Plan Presentation (2 hours)


Is our program/project a good fit?

The initiative is designed to support programs that seek to build alliances, partnerships, sustained dialogue, and/or sustainable working engagements between communities of people who might not otherwise have reason or opportunity to engage with one another. Specifically, the initiative is designed to support projects that aspire to build common ground between communities historically separated by differences in geography, economics, race, identity, politics, privilege, or other impactful social determinants. We understand that communities are nuanced and are happy to address questions you may have. If you have a question about applicability of your program, please contact Syrah Gunning at segunning@devosinstitute.net.

Does it need to be an existing program?

No. We welcome applications from organizations, or cohorts of organizations, who have developed a concept for a program that leverages existing expertise in your art form and community.

Are organizations in very small and/or rural communities eligible?

Yes. There are no size or geography restrictions except that organizations must be based in the United States.

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